Soot on ice. Photo:iStock
Soot on ice. Photo:iStock

Arctic Black Carbon Case Studies Platform

Showing how existing technologies successfully, sustainably, and affordably reduce black carbon emissions.


 Provide a one-stop shop for public information on black carbon work being undertaken in the Arctic. The case studies will provide insight that can be used to translate results, replicate projects, and disseminate lessons learned. 


  • Continue to add new case studies to the Arctic Environmental Response Management Application (Arctic ERMA) website and develop new showcase studies.
  • Increased outreach will also be undertaken by Arctic States, PPs and Observers.
  • Work showcased on the platform will be expanded beyond case studies to highlight inventory work undertaken by the EGBCM, and potentially the work of other groups focused on black carbon science and policy affecting the Arctic.

In addition, the Council’s Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane continues to identify best practices related to the reduction of black carbon and methane emissions. The Expert Group shares best practices, identifies and proposes recommendations and reviews progress of reducing emissions of black carbon and methane, which improves air quality and human health and limits Arctic warming.

How black carbon can increase the risk for respiratory diseases

Interview with Dr Ragnhildur Finnbjörnsdóttir, Iceland’s Head of Delegation for the Arctic Council’s Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane
25 May 2020
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